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Kamryn Berk

Kamryn Berk

Hi guys! This is going to be my third year doing Dance Marathon at UCLA and I couldn't be more excited! Every year, we host a 26-hour event where we “take a stand” against pediatric AIDS by staying on our feet the entire 26 hours! One of our main goals is to reduce the stigma that persists at UCLA and around the world surrounding HIV and AIDS and those affected by it. Our proceeds directly go to the Elizabeth Glacier Pediatric AIDS Foundation, the UCLA AIDS Institute, and the Laurel Foundation. Please feel free to ask me about any questions you may have surrounding my involvement in this event or anything cause related.

When I was younger and going through chemotherapy, it was always a fear that through my many blood transfusions that I would contract HIV. I was frequently tested as just a small two year old. There has already been so much progress in the fight against HIV since that time, but the fight is not over!

Something I never knew before becoming involved in Dance Marathon is that mother-to-child transmission is completely preventable and that there are medications that can make an HIV-positive individual completely non-transmittable. I have learned so much throughout my time in this club, and hope to continue to teach others as well.

Any amount donated makes a huge difference in working towards an HIV-free generation and world!

- Kamryn



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