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Welcome to Emma's Page

Emma Paine

Emma Paine

Hi friends! Thanks for visiting my personal fundraising page!

I’m excited to be taking part in this year’s Dance Marathon at UCLA for the second year in a row. DM is a 26-hour event where we literally 'take a stand' against pediatric HIV/AIDS. More importantly, we educate the community and help reduce the stigma surrounding HIV. We support HIV-infected and affected children and mothers worldwide by donating our proceeds to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, the UCLA AIDS Institute, the Laurel Foundation, and the Pediatric AIDS Coalition at UCLA's direct services.

Please consider donating to the cause. Any amount helps! Thank you!

Best, Emma



raised of $750 goal

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1. TLThe Lorenzis
From your first Bruin room mate and her family. Keep up the great work.
2. HPHeather Paine
3. HWHelen Williams
you never cease to make me proud:) keep doing you
4. EGErika Geisler
Keep doing amazing things love you!
5. LPLynne Paine
6. EEmma Paine
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