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John Forester

John Forester

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page! This year will be my third year participating in Dance Marathon and my second year being a part of the Pediatric AIDS Coalition. Before UCLA, my knowledge on HIV/AIDS was very limited. However, since I did Dance Marathon my freshmen year, this cause has been very near and dear to my heart. What continues to amaze me is that there are still 400 children every day born HIV positive when it could be zero. Mother-to-child transmission is completely preventable yet so many people around the world are born with HIV/AIDS. Help me fight not only for those infected by the disease, but also the stigma that continues to haunt disease worldwide. Thank you for your generosity and for contributing to something that means so much to me and has such a huge impact on others!

"When there's a cure, we'll dance for joy. Until then, we dance for life."



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1. LGLaura Gomez
Better late than never, right? Love you! Go John!!!!!!
2. RFRobert & Anne Forester
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4. LnLiduina Van Nes
So proud of you¡
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6. BFBob & Betty Forester
"Go John" with love from Grandpa and Grandma
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