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Lauren Kim

Lauren Kim

Hey everyone!

This year, I've been given the wonderful opportunity to be apart of one of the best things I've been able to do during my time in college: the Pediatric AIDS Coalition! Every year, PAC puts on Dance Marathon, a 26 hour long Dance-a-thon, aimed to raise money and awareness for the eradication of the transmission of HIV/AIDs from mother to child! For only $19, you can stop one occurrence of mother-to-child transmission! Only $19! Additionally, the money we are able to raise through Dance Marathon goes towards providing opportunities like camps and events for children infected or affected by HIV/AIDs, giving them the chance to connect with other people going through the same thing!

HIV and AIDs are 100% preventable with current medicine, so it would mean so much if you would consider donating to my page, and towards our cause!

Thank you so much!

- Lauren (:


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