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Shauna Perigo

Shauna Perigo

Thank you for visiting. This is my third year participating in Dance Marathon at UCLA, and my second year as a member of the Pediatric AIDS Coalition, the group that plans the event. All of the money we raise goes directly to our beneficiaries, who work to stop the mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS and provide opportunities for children infected/affected by HIV and AIDS. This cause has become very important to me, and I would appreciate a donation of any sort!


raised of $1,500 goal

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1. LSLaura Sardis
Sorry this is a little late but congrats on all your effort!
2. ?Anonymous
3. SPShauna Perigo
Venmo Transfer
4. KSKenneth Subotnik
great work you are doing, Shauna. Hope you are not too sore on Monday!
5. BBonny-Watson’s
We’re counting on all 24 hours, good luck! The Bonny-Watson’s
6. SPShauna Perigo
From data does good!!
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