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Dance Marathon 2018!

Lindsay Anderson

Lindsay Anderson

Thank you so much for visiting my fundraising page. As this year's Director of Operations for the Pediatric AIDS Coalition, I am so so excited to have the opportunity to raise money, reduce stigma, and support and learn important life lessons from those impacted as we fight to bring an end to Pediatric HIV/AIDS. It costs $19 dollars to provide a mother the services needed to prevent transmitting HIV to her child - we want ALL women to have the ability to access this simple but essential tool.

Any amount you can donate is appreciated, and if you can't provide monetary support right now, not to worry! I appreciate you taking the time to read my page and encourage you to look around and learn more about this cause and our goal to bring an end to this epidemic. Thank you, and Go Bruins!


raised of $1,000 goal

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1. ESEvan Stepper
Thank you Evan! :)
2. LALindsay Anderson
Thank you heather hopkins, Marissa stone, Haley Evans, zach Anderson, hannah Cain, kylie frost, Paige Spencer, Akaash Nagra, and Sam paul!!
3. DDavies family
This is for this year! Go for it this weekend! Great job getting all this together!
4. JJJenn James
5. LALindsay Anderson
THANK YOU Nick Tucker, Cam Anderson, Miranda Davies, Jameson Plaskett, Ryan Watson, Zach Anderson, Phoebe Pickard, Kelly Burroughs, Maddy Furdek, John Davies, Hayley Barnes, Alhad Deshpande, Landon Bones, Justin Robbins, Roman Tyukayev, Mikala Kennedy, Cameron Bones, Rula Samad, Jacob Yarborough, and Haley Evans!!!
6. LALeslie Anderson
Love you Lindsay!!!
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